We Are Grateful

I’m sure many of you have noticed that our website has undergone some changes which have made it easier for those of you who use the internet to make donations. I am happy to report that this improvement has meant some surprise donations for which The Friends’ organization is profoundly grateful so we are chalking up a “success” for this initiative.

This is not the end of website madness. Keep an eye on www.thefriends.on.ca as we implement even more features to keep you in touch and in the know. We will be adding a weekly blog, videos, and lots of pictures.

Most of all, just know that your support makes good things happen in your community. Many seniors rely on us to defray the cost of transportation and other program expenses. This support means that isolated, frail members of our community are able to participate in social and recreational programs that keep them connected. It provides them with a hot meal, an exercise routine designed for them, and provides respite to their caregivers. Thank you!

The Friends’ celebrates living… living the best life you can regardless of your circumstances.

Dean enjoying his crops at Forest Hill Garden