Spring at The Friends

Spring always brings to mind Charles Dickens’ opening lines to the Tale of Two Cities… “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” On the one hand, snow is melting, the air is warmer and birds are singing in the branches of trees. On the other hand, back roads are a muddy soup, lawns and gardens are bare and brown and we are not yet spared from the odd freak snow storm or cold snap.

As gentler weather approaches, it’s safe to start planning ahead for some adventures. In Parry Sound the Charles W. Stockey Centre will be hosting two former Cirque de Soleil performers; in East Parry Sound, Powassan is hosting a Food Summit; and in Muskoka watch for the Muskoka Home Builder’s Association Home and Cottage Show. For those of you with heightened tolerance for adventure, the spectacular Green Living Show is happening in Toronto. Check with local seniors’ groups or CAA to see whether there are organized day trips you can participate in so that you don’t have to face Toronto traffic.

These are just a few of the many local events crowding the April-May-June calendars. Have a look and start planning ahead.

If you are housebound, fling open a window or two on a sunny day, throw some seeds into a pot and put it on a bright windowsill; support the Cancer Society and buy a bunch of daffodils to brighten up your space. Check out accessible transportation options and plan for an outing. Invite a friend for coffee or tea. You are only limited by your imagination!

The Friends daffodils

Caught!  Good eats for a spring morning.

Chickadee nabs Mosquito